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8 Ways to Sharpen Your Intuition and Make Your Life Better

Dr. Annette Colby, RD

I am blessed in many ways.

One thing that I am particularly grateful for is the fact that over the years I have been able to connect with a steady clientele of people who are willing to listen to their inner voice and create successful lives. My clients are people who have had enough with being depressed, stressed, emotionally unhappy, perpetually dieting, or living with low self-worth. They choose to work with me because they want more.

With my front row seat to how these personal growth oriented people think and behave, I have come to the conclusion that they share at least one thing in common: They allow themselves to reach forward into the desire of living their full potential, to have more happiness, more emotional well-being, and more fulfillment. They may have only the tiniest speck of hope that life can be better, but they are willing to use that speck to take their next step forward. That’s their biggest secret.

These people are aware that although their current situation may feel stuck or overwhelming, life doesn’t change on its own. They are willing to take responsibility for themselves to have more fullness of life. From the depths of their despair, emotional distress, or personal suffering, they are willing to reach for a greater life experience.

In short, these people put their faith in that tiny voice inside that tells them more is possible. Despite major life challenges, they listen to their intuition and allow themselves to become curious to explore their own limits of what is possible. In thinking about how some people allow themselves to want more for themselves, I realized how important it is to look beyond the voice of despair, no matter how loud it may be, and learn to listen for the voice of intuition.

What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the ability to get a sense, understanding, or feeling about something. Your intuition is an aspect of you, it is an extension of you. It is how you speak to yourself about getting yourself together and making new choices that move you forward into advantageous possibilities. Your intuition can help you see when you are staying in your balance, or if you are getting pulled out of your balance by other people or events.

It has been said that intuition is your own voice of higher consciousness, or your own divine spirit talking to you. Intuition is not from the logical mind, but from a higher perspective. Albert Einstein once said, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution come to you and you don’t know how or why. The truly valuable thing is intuition.”

Even if you have not been accustomed to listening to your intuition, or trusting your intuition, you have this amazing power! Read below for the eight best strategies to help you hone your intuitive abilities to assist you in making better decisions for your life.

1. Self-Love

Intuition is not something outside of yourself. It is not someone else telling you what to do. Intuition is your own higher perspective. It is your own desire to express yourself creatively in all that you do. Your intuition is your infinite capacity to search for, and find, creative solutions for your challenges and your life. Most everyone already knows that when you ignore intuition, the situation does not generally turn out so well. Allowing yourself to invite more of your intuition into your life is a powerful act of self-love. By embracing your intuition, you show compassion for yourself and make the choice to bring more positive outcomes into your life.

2. Listen To Your Body

Intuition is accurate information from your spirit. Your intuitive messages can come in a number of forms. You may hear actual words, see a clear image, or have a deep inner knowingness. Your intuition may communicate with you in the form of hunches, insights, Aha! moments, a feeling, a sixth sense, or various types of body sensations. You may also experience intuition by noticing synchronicities. Set your intention to notice the many individual ways your intuition communicates with you.

3. Embrace Quietness

Intuition is initially often a quiet, gentle nudge. It generally does not shout loud enough to be heard over your stress, upset, frustration, anger, or judgment. Spending some quiet contemplative time each day is good way to strengthen your intuitive voice. Simply sit in a quiet place every day for about 1 to 20 minutes. Take a deep breath, and ask, “What is it I need to know?” or, “What will move me one step closer to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Then be open. Release your need to think, analyze, and know everything. The best information comes from the quiet guidance of your own intuition.

4. Sit With Your Problem

Try this experiment. When something is deeply troubling you, just sit with it. Don’t do anything to logically fix or solve the problem. Instead, just sit, place your intention on allowing the best possible outcome, and breathe. See if you can step away from the negative thoughts circling with frenzy within your head. Your intuition sees many creative ways to bring about a goal or bring about a positive outcome to your situation. Your job is to stop fretting and stressing with the problem, and instead place your focus on being open to amazing new potentials. Make the decision to allow your intuition to get involved in your life.

5. Play Games With Your Intuition

Play fun little games with yourself that allow intuition to expand. For example, when standing in front of a bank of elevators, ask your intuition to “tell” you which elevator will reach your floor first. If you guess correctly, make a big deal of it. Let your intuition know it did a great job and how happy you are to hear from it. Notice how good you feel and breathe into that feeling. Let yourself know that you want more of this type of intuition that feels good. It doesn’t matter if your correct guess was just a fluke or actually intuition. Your purpose is not to second guess, but to build up more of what you want. If you guessed incorrectly, just shrug it off. Let your intuition know that you may have ignored it in the past, but you are now ready to begin listening and taking action on its wisdom. Have some patience with yourself. Once you decide that you want more intuitive information in your life, it will begin showing up. Allow yourself to turn those initial little successes into avenues of greater intuition.

6. Ask Intuition Based Questions

Questioning is one of the best ways to develop stronger intuition and gain clarity and insight. When getting in touch with your intuitive self, ask questions that would lead you forward into positive solutions. Ask clearly formed questions that allow clear answers. For example, you might ask, “What is the next step I could take that would bring new energy and new passion?” Intuition can bring you down paths you hadn’t considered. Intuition can show you new paths to try and new possibilities. Your intuition is infinitely inventive. When listening for your intuitive answers, remember that you may get your answers from a variety of sources including hunches, coincidences, feelings, words, or even physical sensations.

7. Follow Your Intuitive Hunches

Once you get an intuitive idea, decide to take action. It doesn’t have to be a huge life changing action, but you can take one small, comfortable step in the direction of your intuitive guidance. On a day-to-day basis, allow your intuition to play a bigger role in your life. If you have a sense to take a left turn instead of a right turn, follow through and go left. If you are grocery shopping and the broccoli somehow calls to you instead of the carrots you had intended to purchase, buy the broccoli. You don’t need to logically question “why” you turned left or bought broccoli. Your goal is to create a bond of trust between your logical self and your intuitive self. When you fail to follow your hunches and gut feelings, talk to your intuition. Tell it that it did a fine job of providing useful information. Let it know that yes, it would have been wise to follow through with the intuitive course of action, but this time you choose not to. However, let your intuition know that you still want the input even though you might not always listen.

8. Journal

Writing is a gateway to the soul which means it is also a gateway to your intuition. Exploring with pen and paper allows a process to unfold of reconnecting with hidden aspects of your self. It helps you speak out, allowing ideas to become tangible words. It allows vague concepts to take shape in the safety of a journal. Writing is a power tool that allows what is often locked away inside to have access into the world. It allows you to feel into your physical body and connect with intuition, creativity, and imagination. Writing allows the time to find precisely the right words or the most powerful images to express your self. It takes fuzzy or confusing images and brings them into sharp focus. Writing is an easy way to gain insight from your intuition.

Intuition is your higher perspective and guidance. Since it is an aspect of you, it holds your best interests for creating a fulfilling and meaningful life. Intuition is your urge to creatively manifest your most fulfilling and meaningful life, your goals, your dreams, and all that is good and beautiful. Utilize these eight suggestions to sharpen your intuition and you will be surprised at how often it will give you a short cut to the life and outcomes you want.

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How To Turn Failure Around

Success and failure are but the two sides of the same coin, and it finally depends on your perception and conviction whether you can really turn failure around or not. If you want to know how to turn failure around, you should first better get some facts in order.

First and foremost, it is absolutely important never to look at failure as how it is stereotypically perceived to be. Such a change in perception is sure to do you a whole lot of good, apart from finally helping you move close to success. There are success quotes galore all around us, but not many of us would really look to see how these success stories were themselves built around countless failures.

First of all, failure brings about a life change that none of us would really look forward to or welcome, but in its own way, it creates an experience for us to learn from and carry forward in our life. In its moment, failure is tough and sometimes even traumatic, but when you look at it in retrospect, it is the best teacher one could ever have.

What every failure does is pushes you further and further out of your comfort zone, so that you are finally ready to take on all the challenges of life ahead. And the best way to turn any failure around is by using every little experience that comes out from it to your fullest advantage, and also to be sure that you do not repeat any of your mistakes ever again.

Many a times, our failures result from our general attitude or beliefs, and unless we experience at least minor setbacks, we tend not to change at all. Change is always good, if it is for the better. And failures usually act as the perfect catalysts for bringing about a positive change in our lives.

Never look at any failure as a life-ending, catastrophic phenomenon, because at the end of every dark tunnel, there is a light, a glimpse of a better future. And what it takes to actually have that courage to go around failure is resilience. If you don’t let your failures weaken you, and if you use them instead to only stand up stronger, there would be no one more powerful and successful as you.

The more you guard yourself against failures, the more success will tend to elude you. Bring about a necessary change in your attitude and embrace failure as openly as you would success. Failures are only a way of testing your inner strength and character, and when you come clean out of it, you are definitely a lot more deserving for success.

Don’t let any setback ever diminish your passion and will for something. In fact, look at it as an opportunity to further replenish your commitment and dedication for achieving success in whatever that you do. If you don’t believe all this, maybe you should pay more attention to the stories of all the great and famous people, and you will be the wiser.

The Limitless Power of the Mind . . .

All of us know what a powerful tool the mind is. Yet, how many of us strive to use our respective minds to its full potential?

Every one of us is born with an inner genius and can accomplish more than what we believe we can. The secret lies in tapping the full potential of our mind. And that we can do with personal growth and development.

The conscious part of the mind that we use everyday is just a trailer of the mind’s whole capacity. The conscious mind helps us in thinking logically and reasoning using the five senses at its disposal. But, our conscious mind is in turn under the control of our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind in most of us isn’t under our control. It works without even letting us know of its deeds.

The subconscious mind is incredibly powerful. Like they say, “our subconscious minds have the power to move the world”. And subconscious mind has been ruling almost every aspect of our lives quietly, yet greatly.

We look at all the great and successful people in awe and wonder what they have that we don’t. But you should know here that they have nothing extra-ordinary apart from the fact that they are able to tap their inner power, their minds to the much greater extent than us. Often we feel so powerless at the hands of lives and so much at its mercy.

Once we put our minds on to something, do it fearlessly and optimistically. Our fears, our anxiety and worries interferer with our minds capacity to put its best on the task at hand. So it very important to think positively and go after your dreams fearlessly.

Your mind is like a garden soil. Whatever seed you plant into it, be it good or bad, will grow. So, if you think negative and unpleasant all the time, the feelings are only going to grow and get magnified by the dozen in your mind. That is the reason why a wrong attitude can seriously thwart good things like love, success, and happiness from entering your life.

Why does a very confident and positive person take away all the success, all the laurels. There has to be reason behind it. It isn’t mere luck. It is the attitude. The right attitude programs your subconscious mind to only work better and ends up making the right moves. People are not saying all things like “think positive”, “be optimistic”, “have faith” etc. just for the heck of it.

All those who have said it have realized the power of the mind and what a long way it can take you and me only of used rightly and to its full potential. And it is quite possible. Once you begin to think positive, you will automatically feel everything positive happening around you. Put in your share of hard work, will power and the right attitude, success will have no option but to come to you. That is the power of the mind.


As I told you in an earlier post I’m going through some uncomfortable challenges in my life. There are days when the sadness overwhelms me and sometimes I just want to go to sleep hoping it will all go away. Somehow I do find the strength to keep on moving forward. It’s not a straight clear path but I do try to always move forward nonetheless. Sometimes I move backwards and sometimes sideways but I do eventually find my way back to the yellow brick road.

The reason I do find my way back to the path that will lead me to my success is that I refuse to give up. It’s that simple. I will not give up. I will never, never, never give up . . . . . . I will rebuild and get back what I deserve.

Here are two very simple but powerful tools I use to fight back . . . . .


When most people find themselves deluged with sadness, anxiety or fear they freeze and become paralyzed and totally incapacitated.
They assume that because these feelings washed over them, and they now feel weakened , it’s appropriate to go inside and withdraw from the world until the feeling goes away.


First of all, by giving up and withdrawing you’re making the statement that these feelings and emotions are harmful and were meant to maim and cripple you. You’re saying that they’re your enemy. This is absolutely not true. When one of these emotions grabs and encircles you it’s telling you something is not right. It’s telling you something’s happening that could hurt you . They are on your side.

At that point, it’s time to slow down and examine the feeling and make some changes. The emotions are there to protect you not hurt you. Talk to the emotions and ask them, What’s up? Keep asking until you get an idea of why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. When you do get some answer then take some action, any action, and make the appropriate changes.

When you’re overcome with sadness, fear or anxiety the only thing to do is ramp up your activity not withdraw. Spring into action. Get out and get involve.Meet new people. See new places. Get out of the house.

Take the proper action to change the situation and make it at least point in the right direction. It will eventually get better.

Trust me, at first it may be so hard to move that you may feel you just want to sit down and cry but eventually you’ll feel very proud of yourself for finding the strength that you were able to muster up and move forward.


When you’re everyday challenges get you a little twisted It drives me a little crazy when people say with all good intentions ” AH don’t think about it”. Well I finally realized that they’re half right.

It’s impossible to “not think about it”. What you have to do is replace the out of control thoughts with productive thoughts.

For instance . . . .

Wrong Thoughts: I’m finished; I’ll lose my house; I’ll get Fired; I can’t go on

Correct Thoughts: How can I make it happen? ; Where can I go for help? ; What do I need to accomplish this?

It will take alot of will power but saturating your mind with ways to move forward will embolden you to move onward and upward towards making all your dreams come true.

Boys, there ain’t no free lunches in this country. And don’t go spending your whole life commiserating that you got the raw deals. You’ve got to say, ”I think that if I keep working at this and want it bad enough I can have it.” It’s called perseverance. ………… Lee Iacocca

Best of Luck!!!
Best wishes now and forever

I HATE PEOPLE . . . So what about it?


I HATE PEOPLE . . . So what about it?

I hate people . . . . Sometimes.

Lately it’s turning into “moretimes” than sometimes.

I was thinking maybe it’s my age. I thought maybe, as I’m getting older, I’m getting crankier. I was also thinking, maybe I’m reading the papers too much and watching way too much of the news. Years ago, you had it every night at 11pm for a half hour. How much could they show you?

What was shown was sanitized so as to not offend anyone. You never turned to the papers or the TV for your personal growth anyway. You just hung out with your friends on the corner for your reality updates.

Today, forget about it (I’m proud of my Brooklyn Roots) . . . . .News PROGRAMS? Forget about news programs, there are whole channels that send waves and waves of doom, gloom, unwanted opinions, grown up Baby stuff and nasty stuff 24/7. The newspapers are a dying breed so they have to spice up their pages with the same. The internet? Don’t get me started.

I then realized that I may feel this way for two reasons:

1- Maybe I sometimes hate people because I’m HUMAN. I’m human and my body and mind can absorb only so much of the pain I see out there.
I get angry and feel so very helpless when I see dogs and cats horribly abused and neglected, when all they want in life is to love and be loved. I get emotionally twisted when I see any animal treated so badly. I get sick when I see Children abused, people who don’t have food to eat or a home to go to, worldwide disease , mutilation of the environment, leaders of countries starving and killing their own people while they live royally and the list goes on.

My anger can come out in 3 ways: through my mouth , through my fists and through my eyes (tears). The first and second can get me in trouble and the third drains my energy. Anyway, I resent and am angry at the people who are responsible for the these situations. I hate them for making me feel this way

2- Barry’s 50/50 rule . . . . . I have never been afraid to try new things or take calculated risks in my life. I welcome “Change” and see it as an exciting chance to find a new opportunity to make a better life for myself and my family. My thinking is that I can start all over again tomorrow. “Tomorrow” and “change” is my pass to have as many chances to succeed as I want. I can’t fail ; I can just get delayed.

I have a 50/50 shot to succeed in any thing I do. It’s only two doors to choose from. If I go through the wrong door,so what, I can start all over again tomorrow. So why not go for it? I believe that life is about equations and that everything balances out eventually. You can’t have day without night, good without evil, poor without rich, success without failure, love without hate . . . .You get the picture.

My Solution: Change my Paradigm. . . . .

The most important piece of information here is that I have been categorizing it all wrong. My Model is wrong. My feelings are not relevant to the equation Love/Hate. It’s more about the equations Tolerance/intolerance, give/take , accept /reject , support/neglect


1-I can’t Heal the whole world by myself. I’m going to pick ONE cause and get behind it enthusiastically. I will make a difference ,no matter how small, somehow some way. I will continue to take on more causes as I feel confident that I can physically and financially handle it. . . . One cause at a time.
2-I see my responsibility as a human citizen as being caring, supportive and respectful of people in general. I’m not going to hate them OR love them. Maybe I will still hate a few but much less than yesterday.
I will help people less fortunate than me . . . .One person at a time.
3-Through my Forums I will start to build a community that is home to people who care about the people and the environment of the world and want to make a difference . . . One day at a time.
4-The biggest thing for me was realizing that I’m allowed to care, I’m allowed to get angry or cry, I’m allowed to make mistakes, I’m allowed to screw up, I’m allowed to love and hate . . . . .I am who I am: I AM HUMAN.

Thanks for listening to my ranting . . . I feel much better now :-)

May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future and remember, Change is Good.

Best of luck now and forever…

See you on the open road,